#CreateYourCity, June 16 – 19, 2014

#CreateYourCity, June 16 – 19, 2014


#CreateYourCity is a festival of imagining and doing. From June 16-19, nascent dreams for our community will come to life through a series of temporary urban demonstrations. Each demonstration serves as a creative spark–encouraging interaction and new ideas that can inspire future actions and improvements. Building on the talent, skills and creativity that already exist in Maine, and welcoming great ideas from anywhere in the world, we’re offering an opportunity for everyone to take part in creating our city.

Why this event?

Portland is a place for possibilities–it’s a place where you can take risks, make lasting connections and hone creative skills. We’ve seen these possibilities take root in our foodie scene, the maker community and our vibrant creative culture. #CreateYourCity explores what it might look like if we continue to put the same energy into making our city even better.

What’s an urban demonstration?

Demonstrations are about about bringing a nascent idea for our community to life. They inspire new thinking about what we can do to make Portland an even better place.

How do I get involved?

We’re looking for volunteers and organizations interested in leading demonstrations. Whether you have an idea you can’t wait to work on, or just think you want to get involved in #CreateYourCity, we need your help!

We are also looking for funding for the purchase primarily of supplies that will be used in the demonstrations as well as some signage. If you are able to make a donation we’d be so grateful!

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please email adam@thetreehouse.wpengine.com.

Who is #CreateYourCity?

#CreateYourCity is a project of Treehouse Institute developed in partnership with Portland Creatives, launching during Maine Start Up and Create Week. The Treehouse Institute is a Maine-based non-profit working to connect people, places, and ideas to fuel innovations that foster more resilient and prosperous communities.

Partners include Colin Sullivan-Stevens, Tim Clorius, Portland Gear Hub, ICA@MECA, MPBN, Sean Wilkinson, More + Co, Earth Person, Sarah Schindler, East Brown Cow, and the organizers of Maine Startup and Create Week.

What’s the connection to Maine Startup and Create Week?

Producing this project alongside Maine Startup and Create Week presents the opportunity to prove to people outside of Maine how we have a enviable blend of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, civic engagement and willingness to work together that leads to a high density of creative grassroots projects, and that this rich environment is extremely attractive to the types of professionals and entrepreneurs that we are trying to recruit.

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