Logo by Kyon J. Fernandes

Logo by Kyon J. Fernandes

A Seat at the Table – Special Announcement

A Seat at the Table is all about bringing community members together to discuss topics that are difficult. This past weekend, we witnessed hatred and racial supremacy unhooded in Charlottesville, Virginia. And while A Seat at the Table isn’t formally beginning our next series of meet-ups and dinners until September, we thought it would be antithetical to our mission, vision, and purpose to NOT offer some space and time for community members to gather in small groups to discuss white supremacy.

Please join us. We’ll be at Red Thread (located on the Free Street side of One City Center near MJ’s Wine Bar) on Thursday, August 24th from 5:30 – 7:00 PM to hold space. 

What is this not?
We are not hosting a forum. We are not hosting a panel discussion with race relations experts. This is not a community dialogue in the traditional sense. This isn’t a workshop. This isn’t the space you enter to soothe your conscious.

So, what is it?
We are providing space for members of the community to practice radical listening, hopefully, walk away with some understanding, and enter a space with empathy. This is a space to engage in discourse. This is a structured, safe space. We will provide our standard conversation guide. We will have 3-4 questions on the guide with some house rules. It’s one thing to have conversations about white supremacy at home; it’s another to have them face-to-face with people you don’t know.

About A Seat at the Table


Chanel Jones

An initiative of Treehouse Institute led by Chanel Jones (pictured right), A Seat at the Table aims to engage the community in having difficult discussions and conversations around entangled and complex subjects — race + privilege; sex, gender and identity; and climate change — through weekly meet-ups that will culminate in a family-style dinner. With the 2017 looking and feeling as exclusive and divisive as 2016, it is important we all pull up to the table—baggage and all—and continue to build and strengthen a more empathetic, compassionate, and understanding community.