The story of Treehouse is intimately linked to our partners and supporters. Thank you to everyone that supports us financially! Want to join this list of heroes? Donate now.

Foundation Partners

Inspiration Members

Individual & Family Members

Kathy Barber

Ann Marie Bartoo

James Betzer

Maureen Belanger

Kate Brown

Clay Burns

Maureen Byrne

Howard Candage

Carl Costanzi

Ben Davison

Caitlyn Davison

Mark Dvorozniak

Aaron Frederick

Rafael Grossmann

Kasey Lowry

Malia Lowry

C. Waite Maclin

Myles Moriarty

Susan Morris

Elaine Murdoch

Chip Newell

James O’Rourke

Stephen Shaw

Dwight Sholes

Nate Towers

Nova Towers

Mary Townsend

Media & In-kind Partners


We are also deeply grateful to the individuals and organizations that have been and are thought partners in this emergent journey of Treehouse.

Thought Partners

Andres Verzosa, Aucocisco Galleries   |   Aurelie Vincent, Embody   |   Blair Evans, Incite-Focus   |   Brandon Webber, The Urban Hive   |   Deb Bicknell, Independent Organizational Consultant   |   Ed Cervone    |   Eli Stefanski, The Business Innovation Factory   |   Jeff Mao, Maine Learning Technology Initiative   |   Johann Sabbath, Startup Portland   |   Mary Townsend, Cape Elizabeth School Board   |   Megan Williams   |   Mike Lyden, Interrobang   |   Mike Toderico, Toderico Creative   |   Nat Putnam, Eaton Peabody   |   Keita Demming, Demming Communications   |   Rita Heimes   |   Sara Lennon, Cape Elizabeth Town Council   |   Scott Nine, Institute for Democratic Education in America   |   Skip Bates, Bangor Savings Bank

Organizational Thought Partners

as220, Providence, Rhode Island   |   Busboys and Poets, Washington DC   |   Business Innovation Factory, Providence, Rhode Island   |   Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto, Canada   |   College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, Maine   |   Downtown Project, Las Vegas, Nevada   |   Ecotrust, Portland, Oregon   |   Engine Room, Portland, Maine   |   Gorbet Design Inc.   |   Harvard iLab, Cambridge, Massachussetts   |   HUB, International   |   ImpactJapan   |   MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, Massachussetts   |   Peloton Labs, Portland, Maine   |   Stanford d.School, Palo Alto, California   |   Unreasonable Institute, Boulder, Colorado   |   TED   |   Think Tank, Portland, Maine


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